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Terming tuberose as beautiful would be an understatement for this magnificent flower, especially considering its wonderful and exotic fragrance. The flower, which originates from Central American counties, is now cultivated across the world. Today, it is cultivated in the Indian subcontinent and various African countries. The main cultivation areas are hot and humid areas. The botanical identification of Tuberose is Polianthes Tuberosa. For laymen, this is beautiful white flower with a tube like structure below. Normally, the stalk grows up to two feet long. The main attribute of tuberose flower is ability to retain its exotic fragrance even after getting plucked. In fact it has the unique property of producing fragrance from inside. Thatís why tuberose generates fragrance even after it is plucked from the plant. Now letís discuss about Tuberose oil.


As the term suggests, the tuberose oil is extracted from tuberose flower. However, the process of extraction of oil is different. Unlike general trend of steam distillation, the tuberose oil is carved through process referred as enfleurage. The process is very expensive than the normal practise of extracting oil. During the process, the fresh flowers are soaked in palm oil gently. After a while, the oil from the tuberose is shifted to the palm oil. The process is repeated numerous times until the palm oil is saturated with the tuberose oil. After this step, the oil is then extracted using alcohol. The tuberose oil is obtained after the alcohol has fully evaporated. The main ingredients of Tuberose Essential Oil are namely butyric acid, benzyl alcohol, eugenol, geraniol, farnesol, menthyl benzoate, menthyl anthranilate and nerol. Here are some benefits of tuberose oil: Aphrodisiac: Vindicating its names of Night Queen and Mistress of Night, the oil has great aphrodisiac attributes.


The oil is used in aromatherapy and herbal medicines both. The exotic fragrance of oil fills the room with romanticism and builds mood for making love. This is best panacea for those who lack libido etc. The fragrance cools down mind and body. With full relaxed body and mind you are able to give more to your partner. Moreover, the oil has warming effect on the organs, which helps in increasing of blood that in turn helps cure problems such as impotency and erectile dysfunctions. Deodorant: After having so much explained about its fragrance, there is no need to tell more how great the fragrance is. The rich, mesmerising and long lasting aroma makes it perfect choice for a deo. The deo with tuberose aroma is highly popular in countries with hot and humid climate. Sedative: The essential oil is rich of sedative properties. It sedates inflammations, especially those related to nervous system and the respiratory system. In a bid to attain the best sedating effects, the oil should be used in good dilution. More benefits: Among other major benefits of tuberose essential oil are its medicinal properties, especially for the skin infections. The oil helps skin get rid of infections and cracks. The oil is also useful in nausea, vomiting and other such problems.



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